C6 NIJ Lvl III+ Multi-Curve Rifle Plate

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  • Made with pure polyethylene and special pressing techniques to create lighter plate

  • Level III plus bulletproof level

  • User-friendly design fits to the body curve and maximizes safety

  • Flexible rims on the edge increase comfort and ensure unrestricted physical activities

  • Rugged, reliable, and stress fracture resistant

  • Fully sealed to protect against liquids, chemicals, and harsh elements

  • Maintenance free

  • Sold Individually

  • 10"w x 12"h x .75" - SAPI Cut with Multi-Curve.

  • Weight- 3.3 Lbs each

Tested under NIJ-0101.06 III ballistic body armor standards by H.P. White and Chesapeake.

It is capable of defeating*

7.62 × 51mm M80 bullet (M-14)
7.62 × 39mm MSC bullet (AK-47)
5.56 × 45mm M193 bullet (M-16)

*Multi-shot rated on selected threats.