Taser Pulse

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Weighing in at just 8 ounces, the high-tech, intuitively designed TASER Pulse uses the same less-lethal technology as law enforcement to keep you safe.   Compact,   concealable, and 49 state-legal (including California),  the TASER Pulse is a necessary force multiplier for those looking for safe and effective firearms alternatives for self-defense,  or simply adding more options to their defensive tools.     
    • Optimized self-defense range – 15-foot shooting distance, ideal for most defensive situations
    • Powerful protection ensures a Safe Escape – 30-second muscular override gives you time to get away, and we'll replace your TASER device free of charge.
    • Comfortable to carry and use– Shaved safeties and angled sights make the Pulse ergonomic to carry and draw
    • Fast on target– Built-in LASER helps you aim quickly
    • Effective up close – Contact stun capabilities help at close range or in the event of a missed shot
    • Easy to maintain – The battery indicator ensures you know your tool will work when you need it. The Pulse uses easy-to-replace CR123 batteries, which are carried by many retail stores.
  • Legal to own, legal to carry– No license needed in most states
Package contains:
    • One TASER Pulse
    • Two live cartridges
    • Lithium battery
  • Conductive practice target